Cottonized Flax

Flax for Spinning

Cottonized Flax

Product information

  • These are flax fibres that are shortened and refined in order to be spun on a cotton system. (Ring or Open-end )
  • These flax fibres can have a length between 38-51mm, depending on the customer’s requirements.
  • These cottonized flax fibres can be s spun together with the cotton, polyester, viscose… from the cards.
  • The percentage of the mixture depends on the fineness of the flax fibres and the thickness of the yarn one intends spinning. Usually, 10% to more than 50% flax is mixed with other fibres. Procotex has previously had an open-end spinning plant that could spin 100% cottonized flax fibres. Of course, we happily share this experience with all our customers.
  • The yarn numbers can vary from Ne 8 to Ne 55.
  • The flax fibres are pressed in bales of 250 kg and packed with a plastic wrap or jute cloth around it.
  • Apart from spinning cottonized flax fibres, it is also used in high-quality paper and in the insulation industry.

Trumps of Cottonized Flax

Forty years ago, Procotex was already all ears for the wishes of the customers. Because cotton spinners want to mix flax fibres with short fibres such as cotton, polyester, viscose, … Procotex modified the flax fibres through cottonization (shorter and finer). Another good proof that the customer comes first, is the fact that we are able to deliver flexible and just-in-time worldwide from various warehouse sites in different countries. And thanks to a capacity of 3000 ton per year, we also always have our standard quality (!) in stock. Add the continuous testing in our ultramodern lab and the takeover in 2001 of our Lithuanian plant (Linolitas) and you will understand that Procotex’s quality and competitiveness are guaranteed in the future.