Sustainability and circularity concepts are a new focus for the spinning industry as textile manufacturers look for creative ways to save textile waste from landfills. The desire to use recycled fiber in yarns is increasing.
Procotex can offer a range of flax fibres and other technical fibres which are ideal for fibre spinning.
Flax corresponds perfectly with current patterns of consumption, influenced by all that is organic and ecological. Flax is a sustainable fibre, a fibre for the future. We prepare these flax fibres in preparation for spinning in 100% linen yarns or in blends with wool or coton.
Our technical recycled carbon and aramid fibres are spun into yarns for application such as safety gloves or electroconductive clothes.

Spinning fibre

The most important phase in the spinning of flax is undoubtedly the hackling process. Irregularities on the sliver during hackling cannot be fixed anymore during spinning. That is why Procotex, as a pioneer and market leader – our annual capacity is 6,500 tons – is particularly proud of the fact that our hackled sliver is known worldwide for its excellent quality.

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Hackled Flax

After 35 years, Procotex experience in these extremely delicate and very specialized activities cannot be expressed any other way than as unique. Procotex also scored exceptionally high on stability in capacity and quality (covering various harvests). This is due to the large stocks in hackled tow in our own hackling department. Procotex is also the only market player combining the hackling and carding/combing under the same roof.

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Carded & combed tops
  • Cottonized Flax: Cottonized flax fibres for blending with other short textile fibres 38 - 51mm

Forty years ago, Procotex was all ears already for the wishes of the customers. Because cotton spinners want to mix flax fibres with short fibres such as cotton, polyester, viscose, … Procotex modified the flax fibres through cottonization (shorter and finer).

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Cottonized Flax
  • PA6: Precision cut PA6-PA6.6 ecru: for spinning PA yarns


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  • Aramid: Aramid for spinning yarn is used in flame, heat and cut resistant clothing

Procotex is a leading manufacturer of sustainable para-aramid fibres. We recycle dry and clean production waste back to a fibre which is adapted to spin it again.

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Carbon fibres can be cut on precision length which are ideal for spinning. These yarns are mostly used in textiles where they need electrical conductivity f.e. In personal protective workwear for tasks involving electrical hazards.

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