Reinforced rubber products combine a rubber matrix and a reinforcing material, so high strength to flexibility ratios can be obtained. The reinforcing material, usually fibres such as para-aramid, carbon fibres or natural fibres, provides stiffness, the strength or conductivity. The rubber matrix, with low strength and stiffness, provides air-fluid tightness and supports the reinforcing materials to maintain their relative positions. These positions are important because they influence the resulting mechanical properties.


  • Carbon: cut carbon as fibre reinforcing and electric conducting applications

Thanks to the acquisition of Apply Carbon (FR), Procotex inherited many years of technological experience in the milling or cutting of Carbon waste lots. Because of its excellent properties, Carbon Fibre is used more and more in the rubber industry.

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  • Aramid: cut aramid as fibre reinforcing applications

In relation to their weight, para-aramid fibres are five times stronger than steel. Reinforced conveyors with para-aramid are lighter and more flexible. Also the impact is much better as well the heat resistance. They last also longer than conveyors without reinforced para-aramid fibres.

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  • Flax: cut flax as fibre reinforcing applications

The use of this natural European flax fibre has grown in various conventional markets as well as in innovative industrial sectors as the rubber industry.

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