We offer a wide range of recycled PP fibres and other natural fibres which increase considerable the permeability of the drain pipes and help to stop the possibility of clogging. Also the denier of the fibres are important in draining. Procotex can offer fine and coarse denier fibres depending the need of the customer and application. All this at much cheaper prices than virgin fibres with the same functionality.


  • PP: PP fibres

PP fibres have the best properties to be wrapped around drainage tubes. The weight-permeability ratio is most ideal with PP fibres. We also offer coarse PP fibres which increase the permeability of the drain pipes in certain types of soil.

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Beside pure PP fibres, we produce a tailor-made synthetic blend with cheaper mixed synthetic fibres. Procotex fibres are preferred because of the excellent price-performance ratio. The sustainability is an advantage our customers get free of charge.

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Mixed synthetic shoddy

In some cases, natural fibres such as recycled jute, sisal or coconut fibres are requested by the customer to wrap drainage pipes. We are happy to offer these recycled sustainable fibres at more attractive prices than PP fibres.

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Natural fibres: