We offer a wide range recycled polypropylene geotextile or other recycled synthetic fibres which are used in a number of different grades of geotextile fabrics. Geotextile fabrics are used in a variety of different applications including reinforcement for roads and railways: protection and drainage for tunnels and landfills; erosion control for highway banks and watercourses and protection layers for foundations and roofing.

Different fibers from both natural as well as synthetic category can be used in geotextiles for various applications.


  • PP 100%: Recycled PP is a perfect alternative for virgin PP to produce geotextile

PP is the preferred fibre of geotextile manufacturers. These fibres don’t absorb water and neither do they shrink in sunny weather conditions while installing the geotextile. Procotex offers a wide range of recycled PP fibres which are ideal for producing geotextiles.

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PP 100%

Beside PP, Procotex offers also a range of PES fibres for applications in geotextile.

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Other recycled synthetic fibres

Natural fibers such as jute and sisal are also used in geotexiles. In certain soil reinforcement applications, geotexitles have to serve for more than 100 years; But bio-degradable natural geotextiles are deliberately manufactured to have relatively short period of life. They are generally used for prevention of soil erosion until vegetation can become properly established on the ground surface.

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Natural recycled fibres