Our wide range of powders and short cut fibres are used in various coatings applications to improve slump and sag resistance. Our short cut/milled fibres also add structure coating films to give better coverage on corners and sharp angles. Adding fibres can also improve the viscosity of solvent-based bitumen coatings.


By adding Carbon fibres into your coatings you can help to dissipate the electro-static charge into the ground before it accumulates.

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Carbon fibres

Our strong and heat-resistant para-aramid fibres helps improve viscosity control and drives value for the production of adhesives, sealants, and coatings. In adhesive, sealant, coating, and fiber-reinforced plastic applications, our para-aramid fibres helps provide better viscosity control and lower costs. The built-in thixotropic mechanism helps provide superior viscosity control that is unaffected by processing or aging. You need less para-aramid fibres in comparison to other fibres to achieve thixotropic properties. Para-aramid can resist to high temperatures (350 °C) and is inert in most common chemicals, including organic solvents.

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Para-armid fibres