Did you know that adding fibres into concrete helps to enhance the concretes performance in both in the wet and hardened state. Fibres are uniformly distributed throughout the concrete giving full reinforcement to the full depth of concrete. Fibre reinforced concrete does not crack during the drying process.


Are primarily used to reduce the potential for plastic shrinkage and increasing fire resistance. Polypropylene fibres are not designed to replace structural reinforcement.

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Polypropylene fibres

are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and dosages depending on the particular application. These fibres have exceptional tensile strength and are used to increase the mechanical properties of concrete and can replace structural reinforcement, primarily in floor construction. Carbon fiber is the most frequently applied as anti-static agent for static dissipative flooring. Together, chopped and milled carbon fiber represent more than a half of the whole self-leveling anti-static flooring market share

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Carbon fibres