Synthetic Recycled Fibres: 100% PP

Using Recycled PP Fibres Is A Wise Decision

Procotex is the absolute market leader in recycled 100% PP fibres. We recycle all kinds of PP wastes from the extrusion industry or the carpet industry. Procotex is proud to guarantee 100% purity. This way our customers are guaranteed that any possible contamination with other fibres is excluded.
Proper fibre preparation forms Procotex’s core business. In recent years, Procotex also invested in productive and flexible machinery. The focus was especially on automation, weighed blending and obviously environmentally friendly cleaning stations.
Procotex is well known as a reliable supplier of large volumes where the stability of the supply, the exceptional quality (ISO9001:2015) and a market related price prevail. But we also excel in terms of just-in-time supplies. Time and again, the customer receives better quality. This also allows us to make the end product even more improved.


The Latest Developments

The ISO9001:2015 certified 100% pure PP fibres offer benefits not to be sneezed at in among others thermal bound applications (e.g. 15-20% in acoustic felting, carpet felting, and mattress felting…). Also as thermoplast in composite applications (automobile industry: e.g. inner door panels 50% flax/50% recycled PP…) these recycled PP-fibres could be called perfect. They actually form an excellent alternative for the production of needlepunched geotextile and are much cheaper than first grade PP fibres. Furthermore, these exceptional fibres are also applied around drainage tubes. The recyclable thermoplast applications versus the non-recyclable thermoset applications can also be of value. Finally, Procotex offers you an exceptionally wide range of recycled PP products.
Hard PP Spaghetti is delivered to the regranulation industry to extrude back pellets for injection molding applications.


  • Cut at random
  • Precision-cut
  • Pulling
  • Carding
  • Garnetting
  • Exact blends with other Fibres (weighin + blending)
  • All processes can also be carried out on commission