Paints with added fibres is used for industrial, architectural, and automotive applications. Our short cut/milled technical fibres, and powders are used to create electrically conductive paint or to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of paint products.
These fibres help to make high-performance paints and surface treatments such as ceramic coating more durable, more resistant to corrosion, and slip-proof.


Electrically Conductive Flooring is a type of flooring designed to prevent, conduct, or ground excessive static electricity charges on people and equipment, normally this is defined as having a resistance to ground of < 1.0 X 10 to the power 6 ohms. By blending in Carbon fibres in special paints, the flooring system f.e will safely and quickly dissipate the electro-static charge into the ground before it can accumulate or build up prior to surface, component, or contact with operational equipment.

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