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A Wise Choice: We Do Your Blending

All internal and external business organisation is based on professionalism, thorough R&D, thorough quality assurance (ISO 9001:2015) and a comprehensive customer service. Procotex avails over the correct spirit in order to develop the ideal product in cooperation with the customer. As a result of our wide experience in the most diverse sectors, Procotex is an exceptional service provider for every type of customer.


What does Procotex mean

As a special customer-oriented company, we offer you weighted blends of up to 4 components. Procotex is also a real specialist in the close blending of flax fibres with PP fibre or other natural fibres. Thanks to the use of blending rooms, we can guarantee a homogenous and high quality blending. Procotex always goes that little bit further. Therefore, we continuously invest in new technologies to improve quality even further. So you, as a customer, only have to concentrate on your main activities and you can limit yourself to a few suppliers. Saving time and money!

Thanks to our global network, as an ISO 9001:2015 -certified service provider, we can guarantee just-in-time supplies. This of course helps you as a customer to keep your stock levels at a minimum. Procotex can also absorb market fluctuations with the creation of strategic stocks. With a capacity of 30,000 ton recycled textile fibres per year, we can also offer long-term contracts. Once again, this only offers more benefits for you as customer. You can after all cover yourself perfectly. And we must obviously also not forget our competitive prices that emanate from strongly automated machinery.


  • Cut at random
  • Precision-cut
  • Pulling
  • Carding
  • Garnetting
  • Treatment with fire retardant or anti-fungal products
  • Weighted blends with other fibres (weighing + blending) (3 modern plants)
  • All procedures can also be carried out on commission (rebaling of your waste is also possible)