The new development in the building of horse (race) courses: Soiltex. Soiltex are polyefyn shreds used for horse footing which offer exceptional advantages to your indoor and outdoor courses when mixed with sand.

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  1. SOILTEX gives a better elasticity to the courses, which are preserved in time. This elasticity spares the tendons and joints of your horse.
  2. SOILTEX has advantages in all weather conditions:
    – In dry weather (or indoor): you can wait a longer time before you have to sprinkle, so you have less dust forming (the shreds serve as sponge and retain water for a longer time). This is all advantage for the rider and the horse.
    – During a fierce storm or prolonged rain, the sponge effect of SOILTEX prevents the formation of pools. In addition to this, SOILTEX boosts the drainage of the course. Through this, the course is faster rideable and the ride-seasons are on the one hand advanced (from early in Spring) and on the other hand prolonged (till late in Autumn).
    – In case of frost, the course will not be frozen and remains rideable.
  3. SOILTEX strongly reduces channel forming. Through this, you can longer wait before your track the course.
  4. SOILTEX gives a better structure to the sand so that the horses don’t go off the course.
  5. SOILTEX does not rot, and so prevents each additional effect happening with organic mix components. SOILTEX does not constitute a culture medium for all kinds of bacteria and fungus which can infect your horse and make it ill.
  6. As SOILTEX does not rot, the courses have a longer life span: 15 to 20 years. You just have to add some SOILTEX from time to time.
  7. SOILTEX is very easy to apply. A coating of 4 or 5 cm of SOILTEX is scattered all over the surface of the course and is then milled 6 cm deep with a milling machine.

SOILTEX already has a top position in the building of competition and exhibition courses. SOILTEX offers an immediately rideable course. This is not possible with normal sand courses which need time to come to the right density.