Technical Recycled Fibres

Technical Fibres

30 Years Experience

30 Years Experience

Procotex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of recycled technical fibres. Thanks to the acquisition of Apply Carbon (FR) in 2011, the acquisition of A. Herzog A.G (Switzerland) in 2018 and the acquisition of ELG Carbon recycling UK in 2021, Procotex inherited many years of technological experience in the milling and cutting of recycled carbon and para-aramid fibres.

Apply Carbon is a daughter company from Procotex and specializes in milling, cutting, oversizing and chopping of carbon leftovers. To avoid that milled carbon fibres become airborne in the manufacturing area, Procotex/Apply Carbon invested in a technology to turn these milled carbon fibres into a granulate. The production of dry milled para-aramid from A. Herzog A.G was integrated in the Apply Carbon production facility. Based on years of experience, Apply Carbon is the specialist of producing dry milled para-aramid in fibres or in granulates for applications such as compounds, brakes, clutches linings, seals, gasket and rubber product production. They offer a reliable and consistent high quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.


  • Drying of fibres
  • Cutting at random of fibres/fabrics/yarns…
  • Cutting to precision lengths
  • Pulling
  • Garneting
  • Dry milling
  • Granulating fibres
  • Oversizing