Cheap shoddy cotton/polyester and some natural fibres including cotton, wool and flax are used as insulation materials. Fibre insulation is a specific type of insulation that works by capturing air within the fibres, preventing heat transmission through convection. Due to its porous structure, it’s also good at soundproofing and can be used in acoustics insulation.


  • Natural fibres: Flax, jute, wool, … because of their high isolating and sound absorbing properties. Also ecological and recyclable.

Natural fibres such as Flax have a very good thermal and acoustical insulating properties. Flax insulation offers excellent temperature buffering characteristics, resulting in gradual temperature changes for a comfortable indoor living climate. Beside it has very good “breathing” properties.

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Natural fibres

Procotex does recycle cheap cotton/pes and acrylic leftovers from the matress industry which are ideal for applications in acoustic and insulation felts.

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Shoddy fibres

Recycled synthetic fibres such as PET and PP (as thermobonding) are an ecological and affordable insulating material. By using sustainable fibres we save overall more than 20 times less CO2 emissions in comparison with virgin fibres.  It is recyclable and does not contain chemical substances that cause irritation.

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Synthetic fibres

Pre-oxidized fibres are composed by pre-carbonized fibers of polyacrylonitrile (PPAN). Widely used as a barrier to fire thanks to its inherent flame retardant features and its good performance when being in direct contact with flames. Pre-oxidized fibers have a a very high LOI (Limiting OXygen Index), around 45%, which it is used often as very high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Pre oxidized pan fibres