Textile fibres in automotive applications, encompass a broad spectrum of application including interior fitments, safety facilities, tyre and plastic reinforcement, carpets, fibre composites, sound and thermal insulations, air and oil filters, brake pads, gaskets and automotive clothing. A modern car uses more than 30 kgs of fibres for interior and exterior purposes. The customer is looking for aesthetically pleasing interiors, great comfort and fuel economy. However, a lot of fibres are processed in invisible pieces. The textile product can satisfy all these requirements and is lightweight, so the fibres offer great weight reduction, which in turn gives fuel economy.


Bio-composites and the usage of sustainable fibres have become increasingly popular with car manufacturers because they can reduce vehicle weight, which improves performance and lowers CO2 emissions. They are used in car interiors for components like door and floor panels, but they also have more structural applications.

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Natural recycled fibres
  • 100% PP: 100% PP for thermobonding applications

Procotex is the absolute market leader in recycled 100% PP fibres for thermobonding applications. These PP fibres are thermobonding the other fibres such as kenaf or flax fibres in interior door panels, seat covers or parcel shelf systems.

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100% PP

Procotex can offer a wide range of synthetic mixed shoddy at very competitive prices which are ideal for acoustic felting in the automotive industry

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Other synthetic fibres:
  • Wool: fire retardant function

Procotex recycles wool fibres for sound and thermal insulation. Wool has a fire retardant function.

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Recycled pre oxidized pan fibres can be used in automotive parts which need to be heat resistant or fire retardant. Pre oxidized pan fibres are also used in brake pads. We can put also crimp on pre-oxidized recycled fibres which are idelal for carding in nonwoven and spinning applications.

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Pre oxidized pan fibres:
  • Recycled Carbon Fibres: Recycled Carbon Fibres offers as a reinforcement an unrivalled mechanical performance and durability with low weight.

Conductive compounds are believed to be on the verge of a much wider global utilisation in the automotive industry due to the rapidly electrification of cars.

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Recycled Carbon Fibres

Milled recycled aramid is used in brake pads and also in polymer compounds for friction related automotive parts.

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Recycled Aramid fibre