Carbon, para-aramid and other technical fibres are very often used in thermoset applications.
One example is carbon fibres used in microspheres which on their turn are put in syntactic composites. These materials are used to fortify structures, making them stronger without burdening them with weight. By combining carbon fibres and air, manufacturers can incorporate high performance microspheres into a wide range of polymer and resin systems to create composite materials to meet demanding strength and weight specifications. These syntactic composites help to protect the drilling pipes from high pressure in deep sea waters and serves as well as buoyancy in certain applications.
Our wide range of technical fibres can be used in many other types of thermoset applications.


  • Aramid: Fibre reinforcing thermoset composite applications, increase of wear resistance and tribology

Procotex Corporation, and its daughter company Apply Carbon (FR), are leading manufacturers of sustainable para-aramid fibres for applications in thermoset industry.

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  • Carbon: For electric conducting and fibre reinforcing thermoset applications and elastomers.

Thanks to the acquisition of Apply Carbon (FR), Procotex inherited many years of technological experience in the milling or cutting of Carbon waste lots. Because of its excellent properties, Carbon Fibre is used more and more in the composite industry.

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