Flax for Plumbing

Procotex has fulfilled an important position in this market segment from the start. We produce flax skeins as well as flax spools that are available in various forms and weights. In cooperation with the customer, private developments and brands can be created. We aim especially at the distribution market. Procotex after all sells these spools in large quantities and at extremely competitive prices.

  • 100 – gram
  • min. 1 00- 0 kg
  • Bales of 50 kg in which 4 plastic bags are packed, each with 12,5 kg flax
Flax Skeins Jokia Shape

The latest developments

This unique application proves that Procotex is present on all markets: Flax for plumbing. In cooperation with the customer, Procotex developed an extended product range for this specialised sector. With our 30 years’ experience, we guarantee constant stable quality. The customer can furthermore choose between individual packaging and private label. And the cherry on the cake, our constantly supplemented stock levels allow us to always supply just-in-time.