The exceptional properties of para-aramid and carbon fibres allow sealing manufacturers to increase their product performance. Our dry milled para-aramid and carbon fibres ensure optimal cohesion with other production material. They transfer superior strength and elasticity to industrial gaskets, exhaust systems and cylinder heads.
Using para-aramid and carbon fibres helps to increase temperature and chemical resistance and durability in your products.


Carbon fibre gasketing is the reliable non-asbestos gasketing for applications where high pressure, high temperature, saturated steam and hot oils are encountered. Carbon fiber gasketing ensures a high degree of gasket integrity and industrial safety and is used for superior sealability and thermal cycling in your industrial process. Superior torque retention lowers leakage rates and reduces maintenance time.

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Carbon fibres

Aramid fibres share some general characteristics that distinguish them from other synthetic fibres: High strength, Good resistance to abrasion, Good resistance to organic solvents, Non-conductive, Low melting point, Low flammability, Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures. When combined with an elastomeric binder they provide the basis of aramid fibre sheet jointing.

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Para-aramid fibres