Procotex is actively committed to eliminate textile waste and plastics from entering landfill and oceans by recycling these in to fibres which are ideal to produce matress felts. We recycle post production carpet waste, old garments, confection waste which are turned into cheap shoddy felts/webs. Beside these cheap shoddy fibres, we deliver as well the sustainable Polypropylene fibres which thermobond the shoddy when passed together through an oven. They will be solidified together by cooling the felt.


  • Mixed synthetic fibres: inexpensive cotton/polyester blends for felting or fillings. Inexpensive ready to use blends (AC/PP)

Procotex’ installations enable us to obtain a weighted blend of the materials guaranteeing a homogeneous mass thanks to the use of blending rooms. The customer will invariably leave with the best quality available which improves the quality of the final product. Because of a good preparation of the fibre is Procotex’ core business we now continuously invest in new technologies to improve the quality of the products. As a result of our wide experience in the most diverse sectors, Procotex is an exceptional service provider for every type of customer.

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Mixed synthetic fibres

Procotex recycles all kinds of waste of natural fibres and yarns to fibre. for mattress felt applications.

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Natural fibres

Pre-oxidized fibres are inherently flame resistant, making it a fire barrier and an effective heat-blocking fibre. These cheaper sustainable pre-oxidized fibres outperforms all other organice flame resistant fibers in terms of limiting oxygen index. Our pre-oxized fibres are not melting, burning or dripping, Besides they are self-extinguish and don’t shrink when exposed to flame. Therefor our fibres are ideal in matress felt applications where the legislation is only becoming stricter all the time.

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Pre oxidized pan fibres
  • 100% PP: thermo bonding other fibres in the mattress felt

Procotex is the absolute market leader in recycled 100% PP fibres. We recycle all kinds of PP wastes from the extrusion industry or the carpet industry. Procotex is proud to guarantee 100% purity. This way our customers are guaranteed that any possible contamination with other fibres is excluded. Polypropylene fibres will thermobond the shoddy when passed together through an oven. They will be solidified together by cooling the felt.

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100% PP