About Procotex

About Procotex

Procotex Corporation is the Belgian headquarters of a family-owned business (four brothers Douchy) with daughter companies in Lithuania, Turkey and France.

The challenge of today is to develop a sustainable global economy: an economy that the planet is capable of supporting indefinitely. The previous and today’s generation were often blamed: “in meeting our needs, we are destroying the ability of future generations to meet theirs.”

Our goal: to be a top global company for sustainable fibres, to drive innovation in people’s lives and culture at a cheaper price than virgin (less sustainable) fibres.

Sustainability and conservation of raw materials will always be the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

Flax fibres

For more than 3000 years, Belgium has been the global centre for flax fibres of exceptional quality. The company Procotex, situated in the heart of the flax region, trades and processes flax fibres for various industrial branches such as the spinning sector, the paper industry, the sanitary world and the composites industry.


Procotex recycles both natural, synthetic and technical textile waste. Procotex is a global sustainable recycled fibre supplier across diverse applications, markets, materials and product lines.

Commercial firm

Procotex has always played a leading role in the sale of used carpet machines (Vandewiele, Neumag, …) and other stocklots of textile fibres and yarns.

Procotex can rely on the commitment of 250 enthusiastic employees and generates a turnover of around EUR 50 million.