Carded & Combed Tops

Flax for Spinning

Carded & Combed Tops

Product information

  • The tops are spun on a wool spinning system.
  • Can be mixed at the client in tops format with other fibres with a length between 100-130 mm, such as wool, polyester and viscose.
  • Scutched tow and/or hackled tow are the raw materials used for carding and combing.
  • Can be mixed at the client at a ratio of 5% to even more than 50% flax.
  • Depending on the fineness of the flax fibres and the blending %, one can spin yarns between 9.6 nm and 80 nm.
  • There is the possibility of cracking (bringing fibres to a maximum length) and double combing.
  • We can also cut these carded and combed tops at precision lengths for other technical applications (thermoplastic/thermoset material).
  • By-products can be sold to the paper industry to be used for high-quality paper types. The insulation sector also knows and appreciates the incredible acoustic values of this unique quality.

Carded & Combed Tops: Colours

  • Ecru (natural colour of dew retted flax)
  • Yellow (the colour of water retted flax)
  • Light or dark beige: degummed flax fibres. (boiled flax fibres of which the pectin is removed )
  • Light ecru: washed fibres further promoting the fineness of the fibres.
  • Bleached

Trumps of Carded & Combed Tops

After 35 years, Procotex experience in these extremely delicate and very specialized activities cannot be expressed any other way than as unique. Procotex also scored exceptionally high on stability in capacity and quality (covering various harvests). This is due to the large stocks in hackled tow in our own hackling department. Procotex is also the only market player combining the hackling and carding/combing under the same roof.

As an expert in top quality hackling tow, we have access to the best and finest raw materials (hackled tow) to produce exceptional quality combed tops . And in order to guarantee this excellence, all produced tops are tested in a hypermodern lab (Sirolan and All meter tests). Procotex would not be Procotex if we didn’t also consider improving flexibility and just-in-time delivery. We therefore also use storage sites in various countries. Just for you!