technical fibres

25 years' experience

Procotex Corporation provides custom cut reinforced technical fibres and milled fibres, with the length varying from 300 µm to 120 mm.

We are also able to process an entire range of technical fibres available on the market: Carbon, Meta- and Para-Aramid, Preox, Basalt, Silica, Ceramic, Glass, metal fibres, thermoplastic fibres, acrylic precursor tow, P84, PBI, etc.

We have also become world–famous in pulling of Aramid fabrics or –filaments. Thanks to our 25 years' experience, these fibres are cut and pulled with state–of–the–art machinery.


At Procotex, the customer can simply choose between fibres with or without sizings. Some fibres can also be offered with various sizings or certified lots. Another reason to blindly opt for Procotex, is that we have the most commonly required fibres always in stock. We also fully support all types of thermoplastic resins. The fact that no minimum or maximum quantity is required ( ≥ 1kg, ≥ 5kg, ≥ 100 kg, ≥ 1000 kg, ≥ 20.000 kg) proves Procotex‚Äôs versatility. You can also choose the type of packaging yourself. The choice is yours!

Procotex provides technical data sheets of all the produced fibres. You will obviously also receive an MSDS-certificate if the supplier provides us with it. And all certificates of origin are recorded in a special register. To guarantee excellent service to all our many loyal customers, we are constantly improving our very strict quality procedure.

  • Cutting at random of fibres/fabrics/yarns
  • Cutting to precision length (50 to 450µm)
  • Milling
  • Pulling
  • Garneting
  • All procedures can also be carried out in paid employment