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Dust free milled Carbon

Welcome to the dust-free world of Procotex!

dust free milled carbon
Sustainability in nature

Sustainability and conservation of resources are the cornerstones of the Procotex company philosophy. This is why we work with partners in various sectors towards a solution for industrial waste. Procotex is also researching new markets for end-of-life carbon waste. With a capacity over 1,500 tonnes of carbon per year, and daily, strict quality controls in our modern laboratory, Procotex provides a unique competitive advantage.

Did you know that carbon fibres help increase the strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, electrical conductivity and sound-damping effect of polymers? Due to these excellent properties, carbon fibres are being used increasingly in compounds, masterbatch, coatings, electrical appliances, and automotive.

Similar to virgin grade

Extensive testing, internally and together with external laboratories, followed by production testing in various production environments, has shown that the properties of our product are almost identical to first-choice carbon fibres.

Discover the qualities of dust-free and easy-to-dose sustainable carbon

To provide an even better service to our customers, Procotex would like to present its latest product:
Milled carbon in granulate form
With this innovation, Procotex is offering the best of both worlds: the advantages of milled carbon, and the possibility of working in a dust-proof, and highly accurate way.

  • Easy dosing
  • Dust free feeding
  • Mechanical reinforcement
  • Conductive
  • Low cost
  • Easy dispersion
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