We are convinced, are you?

Future–oriented and innovative

What used to be a simple family business, is a diverse and innovative company today with a broad view on the world. Assisted by its team of young managers, Procotex continues building the future of the flax industry and the recycling of textile. Pioneering new products and market segments are developed via continuous R&D. This is for both the flax industry (UD flax) and for the recycling of standard natural, synthetic and technical fibre waste such as Aramid, Carbon fibre and others. In cooperation with its customers, Procotex develop new applications that are revolutionary because of the basic materials and technologies being used. The unique synergy with our partners and with the most competent suppliers guarantees special productive and lasting partnerships.

Quality policy with a capital Q

Our business culture is based on an integral quality policy. We therefore appoint critical and extremely capable persons to whom we guarantee a pleasant working environment as well as a motivating income. We are convinced that a correct, open and horizontal personnel policy is one of the key factors in success.

Close contact with the customer

The Procotex motto "Masters in Linen and Masters in textile recycling" not only applies for its products, but certainly also for its service. The quality of the service is after all just as important for the customer as that of the product. That’s why we like to visit our customers regularly. Our representatives also maintain close contact with every customer.

A personal relationship based on trust ensures problems are solved quickly and effectively. If necessary, we do not hesitate to send an experienced engineer on site. In most cases, this specialist obviously speaks the language of the customer. Backed by our extensive export experience, we guarantee you that your goods will be sent in the cheapest and safest way. The internal hierarchical structure of our company is therefore also transparent and logic.

Unique know–how

Since Procotex's earliest beginning, quality has been highly important in all its departments. In recycling, this standard quality is reached by a driven investment policy at the level of highly technological machinery. What could not be recycled before, is now possible. This can obviously only benefit the environment.

Constant quality control — ISO 9001QHSE policyOEKO-Tex

We always develop our new products in close cooperation with our customers. The quality of every production step is checked closely and constantly by our laboratory. ISO 9001-certification is obviously essential here. The diameter, length and the quality of all raw materials are examined before the production process. This strict and completely automated quality control is carried out at all levels. All production phases are also subjected to a strict planning and detailed follow–up. And this just to accurately comply with our delivery periods. This is once again to your benefit!

Proud to be local worldwide

Thanks to our many years and global trading experience, we can call ourselves a strong player on the recycled fibre market. The full delocalization of our flax improvement to Lithuania also improved our competitive position. The favourable perspectives of flax as a natural fibre and the increased demand for recycling in a world subjected to climate change, allows us to face the future filled with hope.