Procotex Corporation S.A. is a subsidiary of the holding company, Dolintex. NV. Dolintex owns two delocalized flax producing sites in Lithuania. The head office and the production unit specializing in the recycling of textile waste are established in Belgium. The French company Apply Carbon who specializes in the milling and precision cutting of technical fibres such as Carbon and Aramid, was recently taken over.

flax fibres

For more than 3000 years, Belgium has been the global centre for flax fibres of exceptional quality. The company Procotex, situated in the heart of the flax region, trades and processes flax fibres for various industrial branches such as the spinning sector, the paper industry, the sanitary world and the composites industry.


Procotex recycles both natural, synthetic and technical textile waste.

commercial firm

Procotex has always played a leading role in the sale of used carpet machines and other textile fibres such as acrylic fibre intended for the spinning of carpet yarns.


Procotex can rely on the commitment of 200 enthusiastic employees and generates a turnover of around EUR 50 million.