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Flax Fibres

Flax has exceptional ecological properties. The use of this natural European fibre has therefore grown in various conventional markets as well as in innovative industrial sectors. These sectors are after all required to develop sustainable production processes these days.

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Natural Recycled Fibres

Procotex recycles all kinds of waste of natural fibres and yarns to fibre. The most diverging sectors like to call on Procotex, like the automobile industry, the geotextile industry, the mattress industry, the furniture industry, the drainage industry, the compounding industry…

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Synthetic Recycled Fibres

Would you pay more for first grade fibres if you can do it just as well with cheaper recycled fibres? An additional benefit is that you contribute to a more ecological and sustainable world.

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Technical Recycled Fibres

Because of their excellent properties, Carbon Fibre, Aramid and other technical fibres are used more and more in the composite industry. This is also why we are working with the industry on finding a solution for industrial waste and end-of-life waste. Sustainability and conservation of raw materials have always been the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

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Procotex offers solutions to increase

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About Procotex

Procotex Corporation is the Belgian headquarter of a family owned business (four brothers Douchy) with daughter companies in Lithuania, Turkey and France.

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